Although founded as a Pagan/Black Metal Band FRIGORIS steadily developed further since its foundation around head Dominik Winter in 2007 and stands for atmospheric, melodic Black Metal at the highest level today.

The new record WIND is the current peak of this development. The over fifty minute piece is filled with a surpassing emotional intensity that creates a bond between pure aggression and deep melancholy.

This atmosphere is also brought to the stage. After some member exchanges a solid line-up was found in early 2011 that is able to catch the intensity of the songs perfectly and so fascinate every listener that can get into the atmosphere.

• Facts •
Summer 2007 - Foundation
20.02.2008 - First Show
24.10.2008 - Release of ''Morgenr๖te''
May 2009 - Florian B., Florian R. and Stefan R. have to leave the band
Autmn 2009 - Melanie Schmitz(Bass) and Yannick Trautes(Guitar) join the band
05.06.2010 - Release of ''Nach dem Krieg...''
July 2010 - Yannick Trautes leaves the band and is exchanged by Raphael Heuser
January 2011 - Pelle(Drums) joins the band
21.04.2012 - First show outside of Germany
December 2012 - One-record deal with Hypnotic Drige Records and Misanthropic Art Productions
Mไrz 2013 - Melanie Schmitz(Bass) leave the band
April 2013 - Maximilian Stiefermann(Bass) joins the band
May/June 2013 - Release of "Wind"

Former members:

Melanie Schmitz • Bass • (2009-2013)
Yannick Trautes • Guitar • (2010)
Florian B. • Drums • (2007-2009)
Florian R. • Bass • (2007-2009)
Stefan R. • Guitar • (2007-2009)